Client Software

Engineering GUI

The ASTRO.view Engineering GUI provides a simple, yet powerful graphical user interface for operator workstations. The GUI can connect to any ASTRO.control system without knowing anything in advance about its setup and devices. It queries the target system for all its devices and their features, displays all its observable parameters and allows to edit all its controllable parameters in one simple tree control. In this way, an arbitrary ASTRO.control system can be monitored and controlled out of the box by just connecting the Engineering GUI.

GUI screen shot


Further, the ASTRO.view program provides a dedicated oneline image display widget with tone curve control and a histogram view for basic image analysis, a log message monitor, and other features. One ASTRO.view GUI is able to operate multiple controllers in parallel and vice versa, multiple GUIs may be used to operate one controller.

Due to its platform independent foundation, ASTRO.view is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android.

The ASTRO.view Engineering GUI is not designed as a turn-key solution for any instrument control GUI. Since each instrument or camera application in astronomy tends be a unique setup for a very dedicated purpose, also the according GUIs are very sophisticated. Instead, ASTRO.view provides an out of the box solution to control and test any ASTRO.control target at an elementary level, e.g. for tests or early integration.

For construction of sophisticated custom GUIs the Client Library and GUI SDK software components are available.

Interface Library

The ASTRO.view interface library implements the INDI protocol for the workstation side in order to communicate with controllers.

The library is available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS X
  • Android

Bindings for the following programming languages are available:

  • C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • Python

The library includes functions for connection management to multiple controllers, sending commands, monitoring state, receiving images, basic image processing and more.


Every instrument needs to be operated by a human user in some way. Usually this is a graphical user interface (GUI) on a workstation in the control room. Generally, GUIs are very customer specific, but in order to provide a starting point for GUI development for ASTRO.control systems we offer these components:

  • A GUI framework, based on Qt (a cross platform application environment for Linux, Windows and MacOS X) and implemented in C++, which serves as a container for specific user interfaces.
  • A generic controller widget which presents the details of any ASTRO.control system, connected to a workstation I a tree-like overview. It allows for monitoring and control of all parameters of all devices.
  • In addition, a set of dedicated widgets is available for a more graphical visualization of images, histograms, tone mapping, filter wheel animation and more.

Note: The GUI SDK includes the Controller Interface Library.


In accordance with wide spread habit in astronomy the ASTRO.control software uses some well-known open source components, like Linux, INDI, Qt and others. In cases where these components have been modified or where we are otherwise obliged to provide the sources due to the respective licenses the source code can be downloaded on our Open Source page.