Controller Hard- and Software

Our astronomy instrument and camera come in various combinations of hardware form factors and software components. The selection of controller hardware is mainly determined by the I/O interface needs of the respective devices, in particular the camera and by the computing performance needs of the control application. On the software side variants for different use cases are available.


The table below offers the selection of a combination of controller hardware and software variant. However, these are just the most common cases and we support also more specific solutions. If you have specific demands, not covered by this table, please send us your specific request.

Software Package


Core Platform

Camera Control

Instrument Control

In addition to the basic selection of a controller, extension components are available to realize solutions for frequently requested features. Examples are cameralink frame grabbers, swappable disks for daily exchange of night-time data, or precision time synchronization of controllers and hardware based precision time stamping of images. See the Solutions page for more details.