Control Software

In most cases in professional astronomy each observatory, instrument and telescope setup is unique. So are the control software applications for these setups. Hence, there cannot be a universal turn-key software solution for each and every setup. However, with the ASTRO.control platform software, camera control and instrument control software packages solutions for simple use cases are available out of the box, as well as a platform, on which dedicated applications can be implemented efficiently.

Platform Software

The Platform SW package provides all the essential components which form the foundation for application development. This includes the operating system, an infrastructure middleware, e.g. for configuration, messaging, data exchange and communication, and a framework for application processes.

Camera Control Software

The Camera Control Software is a solution for use cases where a camera just needs to be controlled remotely. The solution enables monitoring & command of one or more cameras, as well as transfer of acquired images over any distance, may it be from dome to local control room or to any other location on the internet.

Instrument Control Software

The Instrument Control software is determined for applications which need to control one or more cameras, plus associated devices like filter wheels or focusers. It enables control of these devices by one controller and supports a set of often applied devices out of the box. Services are provided to integrate custom specific devices.


In accordance with wide spread habit in astronomy the ASTRO.control software uses some well-known open source components, like Linux, INDI, Qt and others. In cases where these components have been modified or where we are otherwise obliged to provide the sources due to the respective licenses the source code can be downloaded on our Open Source page.