Control Computers

ASTRO.control systems are based on industry grade PCs in various form factors and performance classes. Of each class we provide various models and the best match for custom requirements will be determined in direct communication, following your request.


Mini IPCs offer the smallest form factor: only about 105 x 105 x 56 mm in a boxed chassis. Data througput is good, but only moderate computing performance. Sufficient, if only remote camera control and image transfer via Ethernet are in scope, i.e. no image processing on target.


The Brick form factor offers PCI and/or PCIe expansion slots, as well as high data throughput and high computing power. It is a good choice for cameras which come with frame grabber cards or if on-target image processing or other number crunching is required.


The Rack form factor shows an excellent performance and expansion slots, similar to Brick Controllers, but is designed to be mounted in a 19" cabinet. Active cooling is possible, enabling options for high performance computing. Also, options for swappable disks are available.

Which form factor should I select for my camera?

If your application includes control of a camera, its data interface to the controller is one main aspect. Three interfaces are supported:

  • USB 2 or 3
  • Camera Link
  • CCI (Andor Technology)

Cameras with a CCI interface, like Andor's iXon 3 series require a full size PCI or PCIe slot in the controller to accomodate the CCI card. This implies a Brick or Rack form factor. Customers may either install the card by their own or purchase an ASTRO controller having it already installed and configured. Just let aus know in your request.

Cameras with a Camera LinK (CL) interface, e.g. all models from Raptor Photonics also require a Brick or Rack form factor to accomodate the CL card, if customers like to use their own card. However, we also offer a solution with a mini PCI express card integrated in a very compact Mini controller.

Cameras with an USB 2 or 3 interface can be connected to any form factor.

In case you require a specific controller hardware which is not shown in the portfolio above, we offer services either to specifically adapt the ASTRO.control software to that system, or to add that system to our portfolio. Please just let us know your demands.