Customers who are going to develop software for ASTRO.control systems need to setup an development environment. Though nothing is missing from redlogix to do so from scratch, we optionally provide and recommend the workbench, a complete software development environment in form of a ready-to-use installation in a virtual machine (VM).

This component enables a customer software engineer to start software development immediately, saving all the effort of downloading, installing and configuring the tool suite, installing the ASTRO.control software, organizing the code, setting up projects, writing makefiles, and so on.

Additional advantages of having the ASTRO.control development environment in a virtual machine are that it is easy to distribute it in a team, having it available at different workplaces or saving a backup.

Further, the operating system in the VM is based on the very same Linux distribution than the ASTRO.control target kernel. This guarantees that the executables built on the development system rely on the same system libraries as on the target machine. The difference is just that the target kernel is stripped down and tuned for real-time and embedded demands, where the development system deploys a full blown distribution with all graphical user interfaces, development tools, network services, etc. included.

The Workbench includes:

  • VMWare based virtual machine
  • Ubuntu Linux distribution, superset of target OS
  • Eclipse IDE with C++ tool chain
  • ASTRO.control software sources (*), headers, libraries and makefiles
  • Online documentation

(*) depending on the purchased target software components



In accordance with wide spread habit in astronomy the ASTRO.control software uses some well-known open source components, like Linux, INDI, Qt and others. In cases where these components have been modified or where we are otherwise obliged to provide the sources due to the respective licenses the source code can be downloaded on our Open Source page.