Software Services

As ist becomes clear from the Control Software pages, there is no way for a universal turn-key instrument control software, because astronomic intruments tend to be complex and unique. However, based and on the generic ASTRO.control platform we offer services to create turn-key solutions for specific instruments by implementing the remaining, custom specific components and features, or to enable our customers to do that themselves. Our software services include:

  • Migration of the Platform Software to custom specific control computers
  • Integration of custom specific devices (device drivers) into the Platform Software
  • Adaption or transformation of the communication protocol to a custom specific protocol
  • Implementation of custom specific application software modules
  • Consultancy for custom software engineers on how to do the above things themselves

General Software Development

Independent of our products we also offer general software development services and consultancy. Already since 1996 we are continously contributing to telescope control, adaptive optics, instrument control and interferometry for various institutes under direct contract. In this context we are developing anything from board support packages,  and device drivers, through middleware components, to application modules and complete complex, networked applications. We have been charged with system engineering and electronics development in some projects. Please see the company reference pages, in particular for the ESO VLT and the SOFIA airborne observatory projects.

Further, we are offering training for software development on embedded real-time controllers. This in particular includes a course "C++ for embedded devices". Please see our training page for more details.

Control System Engineering

Our services do not stop at software works, listed above. We also provide support and consultancy in system engineering for the control system around the bare control computer. We assist our customers in designing solutions for the entire control system, including I/O concept, networking infrastructure, cabinet design, storage solutions, integration of low level electronics, etc.