Here we provide some solutions for common use cases, high-end cameras and frequent requirements. The list is not complete, it is just meant as an inspiration that many specific demands can be solved with the ASTRO.control platform.


Solutions for Andor cameras

Solutions for Andor cameras

Solutions for Raptor cameras

Solutions for Raptor cameras

Solutions for FLI devices

Solutions for devices from Finger Lake Instrumentation


ASTRO.control offers various ways to synchronize controllers among each other or with a local or remote time standard. Further, a hardware based solution for highly precise data time stamps is provided.

Precise Time Stamping

If there is a demand for highly precise event time stamps, e.g. for exact image acquisition times, we offer a hardware signal based solution as an optional extension of the ASTRO.control platform.

Swappable Data Storage

For automated observatories with low bandwidth WAN connection there is frequently the need to store observation data locally over the night and swap disks during day time.

Connectivity and Communication

The requirements for network topology and communication protocols span a wide range. Read about ASTRO.control's support in this area.